How to populate the inbound transition data in the alert activity



Hi team,

I had created custom table and the critical workflow status will be stored every day in the custom table. I need to send the daily records from custom table to workflow supervisor group. I used query activity to get the records from custom table post to that I added the alert activity to send email. In alert activity I need to populate the queried records in the table format. Could you please help me how to populate the queried records in table format in the alert activity?




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Accepted Solutions (1)





You can query data from schema 

Please find below the code you can use to populate the data in tabular format in alert activity:

------------------------ Code Start ----------------------------------- 

var query = xtk.queryDef.create(
<queryDef schema="temp:query6" operation="select">
<node expr="@xyz"/>
<node expr="@abc"/>

<node expr="@xyz" sortDesc="true"/>

var res = query.ExecuteQuery();
%> <BR>
for each(var record in res)
<TD><%= record.@xyz %></TD>
<TD><%= record.@abc %></TD>



-------------------- Code End --------------

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