How to pass url in du -sh command



Hi All,

I am creating a workflow to check the total size of root path of a ftp/sftp, if size is greater than 30 MB I need to send an alert. I have the username,password,server details stored in a schema. I have queried that schema and stored all these values in 3 instance variables. Then in another js I created a variable  and used du command as below it gave me size : -53,du: cannot access 's'': No such file or directory

vars.filepath = "sftp://"+instance.vars.username+":"+instance.vars.password+"@"+instance.vars.server+"/root/";

cmd = "du -sh "+vars.filepath;

vars.res = execCommand(cmd, true);

logInfo("size : "+ vars.res);

Can anyone help on this.How to get the total size of root directory sub-folders need not be considered.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Use `ls -l` to get file sizes from sftp:

NB Security-wise and general coding practices-wise, you shouldn't store login credentials in plaintext or use action-at-a-distance and state when it's not required. Also use keys instead of passwords for auth if possible.



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