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Hello Community,

I had integrated Adobe Campaign classic and Adobe Analytics using Adobe genesis connector.

I want to pass some parameters such as campaign name, source, medium, channel, keyword, start date, end date, etc.

cid and bid values are taken by default for "Enrichment of Calculation formula for tracked URL's " when the domain name is specified.

But how can I pass the other parameters along with cid and bid values?

Do I have to create custom fields in the schemas and pass these in values in calculation formula?

Please advise on how to pass cid and bid values on landing page via javascript.

Kindly respond soon.

Best Regards

Sai Mohan

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Hello Sai,

The other parameters that you want to pass , do you plan to do it via URL or via API calls that gets sent from Campaign.

If it's via the URL then , enriching the formula in the external account is the only option.

If you want to pass on parameters other than the URL , You need to customize the js code which pulls the data to sent by default.

This is the JS code :nms:adobeGenesisConnection.js

and here is the part that captures the data to be sent to Analytics.

AdobeGenesisConnection.prototype.sendMetrics = function (tableName)


  var columnNames = new XMLList()

  columnNames += <item>Date</item>

  columnNames += <item>Message ID</item>

  columnNames += <item>Scheduled</item>

  columnNames += <item>Processed</item>

  columnNames += <item>Sent</item>

  columnNames += <item>Opened</item>

  columnNames += <item>Unique Opens</item>

  columnNames += <item>Clicked</item>

  columnNames += <item>Person Clicks</item>

  columnNames += <item>Unique Clicks</item>

  columnNames += <item>Unsubscribed</item>

  columnNames += <item>Total Bounces</item>

You may duplicate this JS file , add the fields you want and have the duplicated JS called in the workflow :

Sending of indicators and campaign attributes


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