How to I grant the right to execute a workflow?



Hi all,

I am trying to create operator groups for my new instance of Campaign Classic. However, only Admin rights allow operator groups and operators to execute a workflow.

I have given read/write/delete access to the Campaign Management folder, and literally every other named right and operator group (besides Admin), yet still, the users in question can not execute a workflow.

The error that appears is:

QUE-370030 You do not have the rights needed on folgder of identifier 3756 (documents of type 'Workflow (workflow)') to complete the operation. XSV-350023 Unable to save document of type 'Campaigns (nms:operation)'.

Please advise how to fix this issue.

Many thanks

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi alexanderb67059973

The 'Wakeup Task' error is mostly attributed to the Operator not having rights to specific folders.

The Operator needs to have access to the below Named Rights:

- Prepare Delivery

- Start Deliveries

- Workflow

- Approval Administration

and the below mentioned Folders:

- Campaign Management

- Campaign Process (under Administration -> Production -> Technical workflows)

Could you try checking on these access rights and then see if Operator is able to execute the Workflow.

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Answers (3)



Narrowed it down to this bare minimum:

1) Administration -> Production -> Object created automatically -> Campaign workflows

(this would take care of your original QUE-370030)

2) Administration -> Production -> Technical workflows -> Campaign process

(that would take care of the WakreUp task error that would follow)

3) WORKFLOW named right



Hi Vipul,

Firstly thanks for all your help in the forums. You are a great help to many of us Campaign users.

Adding this named right does not allow my user execute the workflow. I have given the test user and others users every named right including this one (but not including administration) and still it can not execute the workflow.

Do you have any other ideas as to how to fix this issue?

Please note: the error that appears now is 'SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'Wakeup Task' of service 'xtk:workflow'.'

Thanks so much