How to get data real time data in to Adobe Analytics



Help is much appreciated and thank you in advance...

We are in manage services environment mode with adobe campaign classic v7.9032.

Currently our work flows send the communication out @daily and we are getting the data in to the adobe analytics by a batch process. But we have few work flows to get the real time communications and at the same time to get real time reports in to AAex: click, open, unsubscribe etc... what i know it's not possible to get the real time data from adobe, but is there any way how we can get at least a near real time (may be 4hrs difference) data in to analytics. 

Any idea which tables do we need to refer?


Any idea how?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you are using the Adobe Analytics (Genesis) connector to export Campaign data to Analytics, then you can adjust the frequency with which it runs by editing the scheduler on the built-in workflow webAnalyticsSendMetrics. By default, it runs at 04:00 every day (server time). I would duplicate the workflow and make adjustments as you need. If you want the Analytics metrics that the connector uses, then look in Delta Calculation activity - most of the Analytics data for each delivery comes from nms:delivery/indicators. 


If you are exporting the data directly (e.g. CSV via sFTP) to a data warehouse, then you probably want to look at trackingLogRcp then you can do your own analysis using Tableau or something similar.

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