How to get columns values dynamically from Schema




I am trying to get Column values from Schema to use further in workflow. facing issue on this. 


Suppose I have table where I can see lots of products and sub-products associated. So one way is using split I need to get product values first and then using further split(s) i get the sub-products values ( each product) so huge number of splits, making workflow complex to manage.

Example : Split -> Product = product1, Product = product2 etc, and then further splits for each Sub-Products like (Under Product= product1 -> and Split -> sub-product = sub-product1, sub-product 2 and so on...) , so I am trying to get values of products and subproducts dynamically so that in case if any more products and sub products get addedd in future, my workflow should be able to pull those data without any change in logic.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





this could be done on multiple ways depending what is your aim.

You can easily resolve this in JS node with two for loops (one for products and other for sub-product). Loops will iterate and you can do whatever you want with values.

Below is example to create for loop workflow with one parameter (but you can extend it).

For loop as a workflow