How to delete records where Primary Key is NULL?



I somehow have some entries in my schema where PK Attribute is NULL.

I created the workflow by querying those rows and added Delete Data Step.. but records wont get deleted.. Error message is PK cant be NULL.                

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




For ACC - You can write a SQL Script with the 'DELETE FROM <<tablename>> WHERE <<pk>> IS NULL

For ACS -

1. Create a duplicate custom resource.

2. Publish your changes

3. Load non-null pk records from your table here.

4. Mark the table for re-draft ( more details here: Deleting a resource  ) This will delete ALL the records for the table when you publish.

5. Got ahead a publish

6. Do not delete the resource, instead unselect the re-draft and publish once again. This will leave the resources but without any records.

7. Load the data that you backed up before to the original table

8. Delete the backup table ( same steps as detailed in the link above).

9. Don't let bad data get into the system again 



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Answers (4)



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