How to define inbound population in javascript activity.



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I am writing a workflow in Adobe Campaign for A/B testing, but this flow will be executed many times, I can use recurring/continuous deliveries for A/B templates but when it comes winner deciding template I have to use the delivery coming from the inbound transition. I cannot achieve this by using recurring/continuous deliveries. Can you please tell me how this can be achieved using javascript activity, basically I am looking for a code snippet to define inbound target population in javascript.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



I figured it out, I am using the below script-let after getting the target population by querying targetSchema, <delivery> <targets> <deliveryTarget> <targetPart type='query' exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'> <where> <condition expr={'@id in ('+ comaSepId + ')'}/> </where> </targetPart> </deliveryTarget> </targets> </delivery>)

Thanks for the response though and I got to know that this can also be achieved by setting activity.scenario_id  in continuous delivery activity.