How to configure server side encryption for S3 buckets on Campaign Classic



We are trying to set up the integration between Adobe Campaign Classic and an Amazon AWS S3 bucket, but we are having an issue with the integration.

I am seeing an error in the file transfer function in our technical workflow that is pushing Campaign data to the S3 bucket.

The error says:CRL-290162 AWS Error 403 while requesting to upload the query

I know this is an error with permissions/login etc. into the AWS S3 bucket. The issue is most likely due to lacking the correct sever side encryption. I assume this because it works when i try to access the S3 bucket via. the command line interface with our custom SSE key implemented.

How can I configure a custom SSE-key in the Campaign Classic interface, so that I can push data onto my S3 bucket?

Thanks so much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)