How to aggregate data without using data of filtering dimension



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i forgot how to aggregate data from a table without using data of the filtering dimension or creating a link.


indeed, I have a data schema “orders” with a list of orders ( order date, order id, customer id, item, price) and i want to transform (pivot) that table at customer id in order to have the number of items ordered per customer) : I do not want to use the method by going first to the “customer” data shema in the query and adding data 


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Accepted Solutions (1)






If the join cardinality is 'multiple' on the schema, you should be presented with a wizard to configure the pivot in the select part of the query, e.g. how many rows to pivot into cols.

If the link isn't defined in schema, the same can be done with an enrichment.

For filtering, no pivot is necessary- just use a filtering dimension or an exists clause.




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