How to add Tracking Parameters to Links in Email Delivery



Hello Folks,

We have an Email Delivery Template, where content is coming from AEM. I want to append a tracking parameter at the end of URL. However since content is dynamic and gets synced from AEM during delivery analysis / run-time, is there any way to add this parameter dynamically from campaign without any change from AEM?

Assume this is how final URL looks like,

where the,

first part (green colored) is coming from Campaign data schema with use of scriptlet <%= targetData.url %>

second part (red colored) is populated from AEM Component dynamically (during run-time sync of content)

third part (blue colored) i need to append at the end.

PS: Once we sync an AEM template in Campaign Delivery, we cannot edit the HTML source. I understood that this can be done by adding a placeholder in AEM HTML page itself, but trying if it is possible from campaign.

Let me know pointers / inputs on this. Quick help is appreciated


Sri Bhargav