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How to add a custom soap method to your new schema?


Level 10

I  am  following https://support.neolane.net/doc/AC6.1/en/CFG_API_Implementing_SOAP_methods.html

after following the steps mentioned in the above link

created a js by i.e cus1:subscription.js

in this JS i have a function

function cus1_subscription_Subscribe(service,recipient,event){

//code here


now in my webapp scrip i am trying to call this method like cus1.subscription.Subscribe(service,recipient,event); but i am getting one error like cus1 is undefined

How can i resolve this? it would be great if you can point me to the OOTB implementation of nms.subscription.Subscribe(service,recipient,false) i.e location of this file in adobe campaign console.



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Level 2

Please help, if you were able to create custom soap call successfully.


Level 1

Hi Sonal,

     Try to create a method in the corresponding schema. In that method, use the javascript file name. And try to call the method from the webapp. you cannot simply call the javascript function without defining the method in the schema.