How do you use 2 offer spaces with same channel in a single delivery



The documentation mentions the following:

An offer space is not a communication channel, it coincides with a specific exposition location on the channel. For example, offers exposed on a website can occupy two spaces on the same page. In this case, we will then have two spaces for the same channel.

Is this true only for Inbound channels? The deliveries for outbound won't allow you to select more than 1 Offer Space and therefore the only way to use the offer twice on the same delivery is repeat the script twice. For example using the following tag 2 times in the HTML:

<%@ include proposition="proposition[0]" view="rendering/html" %>

Could someone confirm if the highlighted statement above is only for Inbound Channel? If not, then how do I use 2 Offer Spaces with the same channel in the same delivery?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)