Help -- Temporary Work Table Limit by Percent of Total



I have a workflow that is grouped by a numeric indicator (Sponsor External ID) and zip code.  I then count the customers by zip code and display in relation to the total customers associated with the indicator.  My next step, which is tripping me up, is that i'm trying to sort descending by count of customers (count of CONTACT_ID) and then calculate a rolling percentage so that any zip codes that fall after 85% of the total are removed (i.e. i'm trying to capture the zip codes that have the most customers and make up 85% of the base).  Is there a way to do achieve this within the workflow?


Hopefully my explanation is clear.  If not please let me know and i'll provide additional info.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @wpomeroy

if understood correctly, you may add one Enrichment node after node (you provided screenshoot) and calculate percent with following formula:
(count of CONTACT_ID * 100) / total_base_count - to get percentage per Zip code

Finaly, add one Split node and query percent column (percent which are above 85).