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Hi Team, 


Is there a possibility so that i can store a global function in one place and call it from anywhere in Adobe workflow javascript. 


i have found there is a node under Administration>Javascript nodes. i have created a new namespace : "cust:new" and written a function in the javascript file -XXX() and i have called this function in one of the workflow javascript and it throws an saying "XXX()" is not defined. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)






Globals have been long considered undesirable due to the complexity and risk they create.

E.g. you may want to create a function called onStart() to run at the start of a workflow, except that's taken by the software's event handler and would collide and create unexpected behavior.

That said, just loadLibrary() your file and it'll install whatever's in the global namespace there to the entire workflow. This is best done at the workflow level, i.e. Properties dialog, to make it centralized and predictable.




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