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Hi Team,


Can you guide a method where I can generate a Alert to the operator if any custom made Typology Fails. I need to create a custom alert for that purpose, can that be triggered from Typology failure?

Please advise.




alert Typology rules

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @anurags71391525 ,


Topology rule is just a query and I am not sure how can fail.

If you mean that delivery fails due bad topology inside you can query failed deliveries and alter yourself with info about used topology inside (Delivery table is linked with Topology table).  In this case you will receive an alert if any delivery fails no matter if topology is root cause or not which is bad thing. In case that you suspect to a specific operator you may extend query to fetch only failed delivery from specific operator.


Not sure if this is helpful but you cannot fetch topology "failure" like you mentioned.




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