Functions to encrypt or decrypt PII data in Adobe Campaign Classic




We have a need to send over some data over to a third party website enriched in the URL upon click through.

While we can encrypt data and transfer this over to Adobe campaign webapps, in our case we want to send this data after a click to a third party site.

In the documentation i see there are pre-built functions available in ACS for AES encryption and decryption here: Adobe Campaign Help | List of functions

The functions here encryption_aescbcDecrypt & encryption_aescbcEncrypt error out when used in Adobe campaign classic.

Do we have any in-built functions that we can use?

Any way these encryption functions are available to be imported into Adobe campaign Classic (v6/v7)



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Abhijit

I don't full understand your question if im honest however there is a link here :

That might help you. It is campaign classic. If you download the jsapi.chm file for classic you will see two global functions you can use. CyrptString and Decrypt.

I hope that helps - im travelling at the moment but saw your post on my mobile and thought this may help.


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Answers (2)



Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply, while you are on the move!!

The link you have shared might work for my scenario, as long as the third party web-page can decrypt the data back. Would sharing the used key with the third party work?

Can you share from where i can download the mentioned " jsapi.chm" file?

Again, appreciate your response!