Fast way to generate MirrorUrl for all emails sent in last 60 days in workflow.



Hello, I am currently working on generating Mirror Urls for all individuals who we sent an email to in the last 60 days. 

I am currently using a javascript icon in the workflow and using Id,Broadlog id) to loop through the temp table and add this to each row(each email sent). The problem is that it takes about 2 minutes to process 1000 rows so it is much to slow for a million records. 
I am currently try to use this code escapeUrl(cryptString(Delivery Id +'|' + BroadLog Id)) instead of GetMirrorUrl. The issue is I cant use nms.Delivery.escapeUrl(cryptString()). So how do I generate the whole mirror url with the escape(cryptString()) method?

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Answers (1)




Hi @karanv22355550 ,


you can use JS activity inside a workflow for example:


var url =,"00000002")


000000001 is the delivery id

00000002  is the broadlogId (not the messageID) - passed as string in quotes