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this is my first time using the "External Signal" in Adobe Campaign Classic and I am completely lost...

My goal is to get a signal from an external database as soon as the loading process for the tables is finished. This signal triggers an import workflow in Adobe Campaign. I know how to refer to a workflow within Campaign but how can I catch the signal of an external event?

I found sth like this PostEvent(sessionToken, workflowId, activity, transition, parameters, complete) but I am not sure which parameter needs what info or if it is even the right code...

Some hints would be really appreciated!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



In your case scenario, you need to post a SOAP call request to ACC's soaprouter api from your database, check the workflow WSDL (<yourinstanceurl>/nl/jsp/schemawsdl.jsp?schema=xtk:workflow).

However, it is far easier to have a control table on the external database system which contains the statuses for all the tables which are ready to be imported into ACC, then you can map this schema to ACC and query it then execute ETL workflows to start the import process.