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             I am bit confused in how the external accounts and operators are linked together. E.g. If I have an operator and he can access campaign through browser, he is already having an access to campaign. So, do I need to create an external account for him ?

Also, in which cases, do I need to really create an external account for an operator and what kind of access is then granted to him because of external account.

Is it needed for API access ? If yes, is there a session token required to be passed and what if client does not want to pass the session token always.

sorry if I am mixing few things together but I am not clear about the linking and the access and even after going through the documentation, I am but confused.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Piyush,

you indeed mix-up 2 Adobe Campaign concepts :

  • Operator : is a user accessing the tool either with the client application or for some parts on the browser
  • External Account : is an access for a third-party tool such as connectors, external database, SFTP ...

you can find some video tutorials on Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe

Kind regards,


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