Export sent SMSs



Good Morning,

I've implemented some workflows to be able to save the text value of sent SMSs, it works but I've a issue with it that I hope someone call help me with.

To compute the value of the SMS text I'm building a preview of the event history, using the method "BuildPreviewFromId", this works for both messages sent via message center and via regular delivery, the thing is the same method has an enormous difference in performance when called internally or called via SOAP Service (for message center), strangely it is much faster when called via SOAP.

The method takes 20 - 120s to calculate 2500 messages via SOAP call and takes 1.1 - 3s to calculate one single message when called internally, it should be noted that the 120s include a remote query and connections so you could actually slash that time by half for the method.

Remote Call:

remote call.JPG

Internal Call:

Internall call.JPG

Can someone point me to a reason or solution for this?

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