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Hi all,

so in our Adobe Campaign we have different users, each one of them have it's own workflows, and have it's own exports.

the issue here that all the exports that the users do, go to the same folder in the server, i would like to create something (workflow or script) that take the file exported to a user folder, the user who did the export.

to explain it more here is an example:

we have the admin and 2 users, A and B, and the file X.txt.

-if the Admin did the export, the file exported will go to \Export_Files\X.txt

-if the user A who did the export, the file needs to go to \Export_Files\Files_A\X.txt

-if the user B exported a file, it should go to \Export_Files\Files_B\X.txt



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Having a service file watcher process (OS scheduled process or a service) or a post delivery/export activity node in ACC can do part of the work but still the ability to identify files extracted by specific users and move them to different directories is challenging.

For example, you can have a file watcher process (OS scheduled script) to look for files with *_A.txt suffix and move them to final destination folder xxxxx_A while moving files with *_B.txt suffix to a different destination directory. It is still the user duty to either set the exported file name to *_A.txt or *_B.txt by either doing that manually or by using an export template. Any automation using javascript to get the user ID as a variable and include in the file name does not worth it. It is better to re-evaluate the requirements for this part and determine a reasonable approach.

Good luck.