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Hi all,

so in our Adobe Campaign we have different users, each one of them have it's own workflows, and have it's own exports.

the issue here that all the exports that the users do, go to the same folder in the server, i would like to create something (workflow or script) that take the file exported to a user folder, the user who did the export.

to explain it more here is an example:

we have the admin and 2 users, A and B, and the file X.txt.

-if the Admin did the export, the file exported will go to \Export_Files\X.txt

-if the user A who did the export, the file needs to go to \Export_Files\Files_A\X.txt

-if the user B exported a file, it should go to \Export_Files\Files_B\X.txt



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Hi Badr,

I don't think you can do that in an automated/systematic way. The A/B users can select the destination directory when exporting their campaign files on the server.

You can set few environment variables in the configuration instance file to cond






Keep in mind that this is an instance setting and not per user setting. All exports are taking place as neolane user.

You can still create output/export templates per user and you can set the export directory for each user template (doesn't worth the efforts since if users don't know how to set/change the export directory in the export activity node then it is much bigger concern )

Ability to export the campaign/extract files into a local directory on the app server is important since many clients require additional QC steps before the final files are delivered to their destination partners/vendors and the client may restrict the file transfer to/from the ACC environment to their own suite of tools for security reason. assuming here a hybrid ACC deployment.

I hope this is useful.