ERROR XSV - 350087 while trying to export workflow from prod



I would like to fix one of the workflow that we have and as a first step i started to copy the latest version from Prod to dev so that i can start working on correct version of it in Dev env. 

I logged in to Client console as admin user , selected the workflow and clicked on tools > export package > Selected admin and click on start. 


Received below error :- 

XSV - 350087 - The maximum number of entries to be exported has been reached (500) for nms:offerCategory schema entity. 

XSV - 

50122 An error occured and the process has been stopped. 



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Prasanna,


From the error, it seems like you are trying to export offer details from PROD to DEV instance. In that case, can you try to exclude the live environment offer categories and take only the offer categories of design environment and try exporting once. Once the export of offer categories from design is moved, you can publish them separately in the DEV instance after importing the package from PROD.