Error while uploading the iOS certificate



Hi Team,

We are trying to integrate ios Notification APP Server with Hybrid ACM Prod Server, for which we need to upload ios Sandbox certificate on ACM Prod environment.

While uploading the certificate we are getting an error, please find the attached snapshot. To resolve the issue we had taken following steps:-

Go to the config folder

There you will find the file name serverConfig.xml

Open the XML and search for “urlPermission”

In that add the URL you want to white list as an example <url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="https://gcm-http\.googleapis\.com/gcm/send.*"/>

Save the file

Run command nlserverconfig -reload

Then try to make the connection again and it should be successful.

Even after adding changes we were not able to upload the iOS Certificate and the same error persists.

We have added below urls in the serverconf file:-

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="*"/>

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="*"/>

Please let me know your suggestion on the issue

with regards,

Richa Chaubey

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Richa,

This error generally happens due to the URL present in the ios routing external account.

can you please check if

1>. The url for the ios connector is set to http and not https. Change to http if it is set to https

2>. Check which jsp is targeted ios.jsp or ioshttp2.jsp . If it's pointing to iosHTTP2.jsp , please change it to ios.jsp

PS , I talking about this part of the external account.



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Answers (3)



Hi All,

I am still not able to resolve the issue. there is an update to above query.

On uploading the APNS Certificate, i am now getting new error as follows:-

The connections cache could not be reinitialized. Error-53

The new error: Internal Server Error 500. The connections cache could not be reinitialized. Error: SyntaxError:xml is a reserved identifier

It will be very helpful if anyone can suggest your views on the same.

with regards,