Error code(s) in Adobe Campaign Classic 6.1.1



Can anyone shed any light as to what the prefixes stand for in the error codes?

Whats the difference between the following codes.

  1. RED-520021 Invalid login or password. (iRc=16384)
  2. XTK-170019 Access denied. (iRc=-69)
  3. ODB-240000
  4. WDB-200000


Vipul Raghav

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi David,

  1. RED-520021 Invalid login or password. (iRc=16384): it means that you are using incorrect login credentials, either the password is incorrect, or username is incorrect.

  1. XTK-170019 Access denied. (iRc=-69); this happens when you try to access a link/resource with credential but the user does not have sufficient privilege to access that resources.
  2. ODB-240000: This is a generic ODBC error happens when you use the incorrect query, wrong casting, etc.
  3. WDB-200000: When you try to use incorrect database password or your database is currently unavailable to take new requests.

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Answers (5)




Hi David,

The exact meaning of these prefixes is internal to product. If you can raise a support ticket we can ask engineering for it.

ODB - relates to errors that happen at the ODBC layer or exceptions caught at ODBC. It is a higher level exception wrapper over an underlying WDB error.

WDB - Errors that happened at the database layer. Something originating from database. The error is logged and then a higher level exception is thrown to report at the ODBC layer which is then logged as ODB-

XTK - Errors raised because of a schema. Like Amit said, one the errors you provided was raised when access was not available to user on the linked resource i.e. schema. Similarly, if there is a column missing you might get an error

Attribute 'registrationToken' unknown (see definition of schema 'Batch events (nms:batchEvent)'). XTK-170036 Unable to parse expression '[@registrationToken]'.

RED - These errors are associated with the redirection server or better to say with your tracking instance.

All possible error codes in Campaign are listed here Adobe Campaign Error Codes

We are working with the documentation team to get a user-friendly explanation associated with each error.




I just experienced the BAS-010006 error. I got around this by playing around with the Security Level in Internet Explorer

Example: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet > Security level Medium



Thanks both, I wish I could mark both as correct answers.

  1. XTK-170019 Access denied. (iRc=-69)

I performed an upgrade recently on one of our environment and noted the error above kept popping up in the web.log, I tried to reproduce it in staging by changing passwords on the sql account but realized that odb and wdb errors were logged instead, hence I knew it had nothing to do with database credentials but rather some other sort of access.