Enable a Generic SMS (not Netsize) integration with Adobe Campaign Classic



Hello everybody,

I would like to understand which are the steps required to connect a Generic SMPP with ACC v7 with the assumption that we want to track not only the status of the delivery itself, but also to receive the delivery logs for each recipient contained in the target population.


My questions are:
- Except the configuration of the external account which are the tasks to be completed?

- How may the status of the delivery be updated?

- How can I technically retrieve the delivery logs? Which schema/table the logs will be stored in?

- Will the indicators (sent, success, openings, clicks..) of the delivery be always equal to 0?

I've already read the following docs:









API Campaign Classic connector SMS

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Connecting up SMPP and getting it to correctly work depends a lot on your SMS provider. ACC by default sends out a request for a read receipt (submit_sm) in the PDU, so be aware that some providers will charge extra for this read receipt. Without the read receipt, your sucess metrics will be 0%. Read receipt also doesnt guarantee that the message was read (as the name implies) but that it arrived on the user's handset.

I would also recommend not using Generic SMPP connector but the Extended Generic SMPP connector. The old one is now deprecated and according to support, no longer being developed. These connectors are two different implementations of SMPP within ACC.

To try to answer your questions:

  1. Once you have your external account set up, I would test larger SMS and make sure they are correctly being delivered. Check your regex parameters are correct for the SMSC you are using (your provider should be able to help here). I would also set up a typology rule to check for GSM7 codepage in your sms source so you dont accidentally send out UTF-16 codepage messages by accident (it costs twice as much). 
  2. Provided your external account is working correctly and your sucess regex is correct and read receipts are working, the status should automatically be updated like an email
  3. Delivery logs are the same as email. The broadLogRcp should contain your send data
  4. You will usually see three statuses worth checking - Sent (message was pushed to the connector, but delivery to handset unknown), Success (message was delivered onto the handset) or Failed (unknown number, etc).

You can click track on SMS but its not recommended since the links take up too many characters. See here. Campaign doesn't provide a way to shorten click-tracked links on the fly using bit.ly or similar, which is a major issue if you are using Adobe Analytics and sending out lots of SMS campaigns. You can manually shorten your links using bit.ly but you lose the personalised click-tracking you get in emails.

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