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We need to pull together data on number of email sends per week and see how they are performing in terms of open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscription rate. A good starting point would be to have the email sends information pulled for last six months and then filter it weekly. What is the best way of doing this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @YashP1 ,


you may check default reports on delivery or campaign level which have all this information.

If you want it on one place and to be sent on email use workflow default billing (sending monthly statistic to Neolane) as a reference and extend it with data from above reports.





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Answers (1)


Sep 21, 2020

Here is how I do this:


1) Select the "delivery summary" OOTB report

2) Drag into the columns the metrics you want to see such as sends, opens (unique, total), clicks (unique, total), unsubs and any bounce metrics you;d like. Then also drag in the "rate metrics" (open rate, click rate, unsubs rate, bounce rate metrics of your choice)

3) In the first column where normally your campaign name or delivery name would be, drag in the "Time" metric of "Week" or "Month" depending on which you want to use. That will then show you all of your email metrics by week or month.

4) Lastly, in the top right, adjust the time period you want, such as the last 6 months. Hit Apply, and your metrics will all display.


Caveat is that your "rate" metrics such as open rate and click rate may not work as you intended, as for example they will divide all opens that happened during that week by all sends that week, as opposed to attributing the opens to the date the campaign was sent. So you may see wildly varying open and click rates unrelated to the actual performance of the campaigns.