Email Preview Error - Using a Seed Address





Trying to generate a email preview and I get the same error - 




Here's the variable I have coded in the email: 


var effectiveDate = targetData.effectiveDate


And I'm calling it into the email as: <%=formatDate (effectiveDate, "%Bl %D") %>


The seed I'm using is set-up with effectiveDate in the 'Additional Fields' tab: 



I tried changing that Date format to : "2020-04-07" and "2020-04-07 12:00:00.177Z" - both formats still gave me the same error. 


I am on Adobe Console - v7 build 8895

Can anyone help why I would get this error when generating a Preview?


FYI - when I send the email to a select test group - the email delivers fine with no errors. 



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Accepted Solutions (1)




formatDate() requires a Date object and in your additional data, date is a string, which will generate that error. I would say your targetData normally has an actual date object for effectiveDate which is why it works when you run the workflow.

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