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From time to time we have issues with BT Internet, Yahoo and Sky email domains refusing a large % of our emails and marking as spam.


What I would like to do is build a report/alert that looks at the previous days sends across all our brands but also split by email domain at a delivery level. Then, if x% of that email domain (intend to look at Hotmail, BT Internet, Sky, Yahoo and Gmail domains) are refused an alert is sent out so the team can investigate.


I've had a go but finding it hard to drill down to that granularity.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey ,


Just thinking out loud , Can you try using one of the workflow for OOB report call "Non-deliverables and bounces". This workflow is using a cube - "Delivery and tracking statistics (deliveryLogStats)" and have one output column name as "@domain_domain" which contains all the domains and breakup of values for each domain. 


So, try to copy this report and change in such a way after reading data from this cube in next JS activity read the value for each domain and check for contribution percentage if that percentage > X then set up some variable and check this variable value before sending out alert.




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