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We are working to setup up a drip campaign in Adobe campaign classic. In which I am targeting the people who receive a Message center email and then we are planning to send the first email after 2 days (when someone receives that MC email), then the 2nd emailer after 7 days, and then the 3rd emailer after 7 days.

Scheduler (runs daily) > Query (Recipients of an MC delivery with exclusions) > Wait (2 days) > 1st continuous delivery > wait (7 days) > 2nd continuous delivery > wait (7 days) > 3rd continuous delivery > End

Please let me know if the below setup will work or we need to do anything different.
Really appreciate all your help. Stay safe!

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Accepted Solutions (1)






the use of wait activity is not recommended because if the server crashes or if something happens at the database level, you will lose the records whom we are targeting.


it is better to use multiple workflows and targets based on the list if you are sending the same email to the same set of recipients irrespective of their open or clicks.


if you are using open or clicks to determine to send the 2nd delivery, then you can make use of tracking logs where opens and clicks are recorded.

you might also want to make sure we are not sending to already bounced emails and make use of broad logs which will help in IP reputation.




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