downloading a file from internal companys sftp server



Hi Team,


I have a requirement where i need to get a file from internal SFTP server and send emails to them. 


i have the url like this : https://fileshare.XX(companyname)

username and password. 


here is my file : 




How do i configure sftp in adobe and how can i get this file pulled from sftp to adobe. 

what are the details i need to configure this. 


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Hi @Ramaswami -that URL you provided is a HTTPS connection. Normally, FTP servers will prefix in your browser with e.g. ftp://fileshare.XX(companyname) - check that you actually have SFTP access to this area.

Then have a look at the documentation for Campaign sFTP external account:

Check that there is network access between the Campaign server and the sFTP server. Depending on the organisation, ICT likes to block sFTP network traffic by default (TCP 22)


Cheers Darren