Does compressed file takes less time to loading using data loading activity as compare to uncompressed file?



Does compressed file take less time to load using data loading activity as compared to uncompressed file?

We have been loading a .csv file of 40GB to 60GB in adobe campaign. It takes a lot of time. If we compress it, size of a file is reduced 40 GB to 10 GB etc.

We know, we can upload the compressed file in adobe campaign using data loading activity.

But data loading activity firstly uncompressed the file and then load it. I am doubted it might take more time as compare to normal file upload.

Can you please confirm which file takes less time for loading?

Screen shot of Adobe documentation:


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Accepted Solutions (1)





It takes the same amount of time either way, ordinary read vs zcat/gunzip -c.

Compression is still recommended for the disk savings, as csv data is highly compressible.



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