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We have given Read only access to Campaign management to QA resources, we have a operator group for QA with read only access to the Campaign Management and other folders, this works fine they cannot Save any existing campaign's.

Is there a way to disable Create button in Campaigns ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi, this is a suggestion, I'm ansering from home and I don't have an instance I can test this on from here:

Right-click on the buttons you want to disable and select "View source". Find the <container> that contains the button and add used the enabledIf attribute to enable the container only if users have a certain named right.

On this page you'll find an example of enabledIf and expr used to protect a schema, and here is an example on how to conditionally hide a container. I think the syntaxes are similar, give it a go and tell me if it works

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