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Could you please help me to understand the usage of Error address field in the Email channel section and authorized mask for sender addresses, authorized mask for reply addresses fields in deployment wizard?

As I understand from the standard documentation, the authorized masks for sender and reply addresses are for ensuring that no addresses are used that could trigger delivery issues. Delivery addresses must be configured on the delivery server. In such case, could you please let me know what are the addresses that would enrolled in this field under the deployment wizard of instance?

And for error addresses, will it be handled in the mid-sourcing server and will there by any configuration settings be made in delivery server?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Error address field is misnamed, it's the Sender header of the message from RFC-5322/3.6.2; The Sender field is From header .

Authorized mask is to safeguard users from using the wrong From/Sender subdomains, since these are sensitive and can impact reputation, i.e. if users send phishy emails ISP's can lose trust in the IP's. Put *@subdomain in sender mask and the full error address in error mask.

Error address you set to the bounce mailbox used by inmail, which has to be configured in External Accounts/Bounce mails.

The product doc has a lot of useful info about deliverability in Campaign.



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