Delivery reports not exporting properly



I am trying to either export a PDF of one of my reports, or use the print option to save it onto my local machine as a PDF. In both cases, the report is not exporting. I am able to see my delivery report within Adobe Campaign perfectly fine, I just can't export them.

When I try using the "Export > PDF file" option, I download a PDF that shows the login screen.

reports pdf.png

When I try using the "Print" option, and selecting "Print to PDF," I get a PDF that shows me a 404 error.

I have been able to print my reports as PDF's in the past, but now I am unable to. Does anyone know what is going on here?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Joel,

There can be three explanations for this error:

1. your report is not a shared report, can you make sure it's shared with other users?

2. You have to enable Phantomjs a tool to generate pdf in Adobe campaign server, and they will be able to configure that for you.

3. Are you using marketing analytics module or you are using cubes to generate the reports? Make sure if you have a licence to use this module.



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