Delivery activity never send newsletter



Hi everybody, 

i'm currently facing an issue with a newsletter sent by workflow.

When the delivery activity start, it run undefinetly and never send the NL, so i don't even have the error log to help me.


The only error that i have is the following : 



 03/04/2020 17:13:00
SOP-330003 Argument of type 'boolean' is missing in XML SOAP message.


 03/04/2020 17:12:58
7 image(s) to process


 03/04/2020 17:12:55
Cleaning data from previous analysis...


 03/04/2020 17:12:55
Application de la règle 'Vérification de la taille des BAT'.


Does someone has an idea ? 

Best regards,




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Accepted Solutions (1)

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