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I want to delete a delivery in Campaign v6 but can’t figure out how, can you help me with this?

Also, will I be able to recover it if needed?

Thanks for your help

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Elise,

Short answer is: yes you can.


About deleting deliveries:

  1. Go to the delivery folder where the delivery to be deleted is located.
  2. Select the delivery by clicking its record from the delivery list on the Campaign Console. Then use one of the following options:
  • Right click, then select the "Delete" option from the contextual menu option displayed.
  • Or click the delivery record from the list. Then click the "Delete" button in the top right corner.
  • Confirm the deletion action.

In both cases, the delivery will be deleted by flagging it as deleted (@deleteStatus = true).

The deleted delivery will be moved into a standard folder with the Label "Deleted deliveries". This completes the standard delivery deletion process that allows you to recover a delivery if needed.

By default the deleted deliveries remain in the Deleted deliveries folder (internal name = nmsRecycledDelivery) for 7 days. During this period the delivery can still be recovered.

After this 7 day period, the delivery will be physically and definitively deleted from the database. This will be carried out by the cleanup technical workflow which is executed daily.

Note: The default 7 day period can be changed from the Deployment wizard's "Purge data" configuration page. Standardly deleted deliveries can be recovered by dragging & dropping them from Deleted deliveries folder to the original folder or another Delivery folder.


About recovering deleted deliveries:

When deliveries are deleted they go into the "Deleted Deliveries" folder, located in the “Campaign Management /Deliveries/ Deleted deliveries” folder. If you have deleted them by mistake, you can get them back by moving them from there to your folder.




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Answers (3)



You should never delete a campaign. There are many levels of connections within the system between the campaign, the deliveries, tracking information, etc. Deleting the campaign does not delete these connections and so this could cause data issues. If you do not want to see the campaign any more, you can create a folder for old campaigns, and drag and drop it into the folder from the main folder list.




Hi, I have questions:

1. If Records are deleted from recipient by accident then how can we recover them by our own?

If there a way we can backup deleted records from recipeint?


2. If we want to know the creator of the workflow (who has created the workflow and when)

Is there a way we can get this historical information.