DCS Value in Campaign Classic sometime defaulting to a 240 value instead of a 0 value.



Good afternoon, 

We ran into an issue with out SMS provider where some of the messages are being sent out as gibberish.  They did confirm that they were receiving the messages correctly but when they were sending them they were not going out correctly.  
Anyways Sinch just got back to us with this reply. 
"After further review, we learned that the Adobe application has a setting which sends a DCS value of 240. This value results in garbled message content, as most carriers do not support this DCS value. 

While this is not a Sinch configuration, or setting, in effort to accommodate and bypass this scenario, Sinch set an override so that when a DCS value of 240 was received by our platform, we override it to 0; which is supported by the carriers."


So I am wondering, how do we confirm that all of our messages are being sent out as DCS Value of 0 rather than 240, and why would some of our messages from an SMS campaign be sent to Sinch as 0 and some sent as 240?  Is there anywhere I can see where this is being passed to them and or is there a way we can change something on our side to make sure we are always sending 0?


Thanks in Advance and I look forward to any help!


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Accepted Solutions (1)






Sinch isn't an ootb sms connector. Are you using Generic SMPP?

The default encoding for Generic SMPP connector is GSM 7, which could be 240 in DCS?

It can be changed in the external account settings, maybe try UCS2.




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