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Hi Team, 


i got an alert from adobe saying that database is full upto 82%. 


What i am doing is applying some data retention rules on the custom tables. 

For example : in my prod instance it has lot of custom tables with large data and i am applying a delete based on some criteria. 


i am using a javascript node : 

and executing a delete function like below : 


var delete = "delete from tablename where created date > some date"



Note : i am not commiting this. 


i am doing like this for two or three tables and checked the database capacity and it is still 82% 


So now i am getting doubt that should we use commit statement after "sqlexec(delete)" like ( sqlexect("commit")) OR is it okay to execute without commit. 


Does my assumption is correct ? ( that since i am not using commit the database percentage is not changing ) OR is it some other reason the percentage usage is not changing. 


What is the role of commit here. 


Also just to know i still needs to do clean up for more tables. also can you suggest any other steps to clean up the custom tables or anything to decrease the database space?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ramaswami,


You may need to do a defragmentation of data across the database as it removes bloat from the system which is caused by constant deletes done to the schemas.

In high transactional databases, deletes performed on schemas cause bloat or empty spaces. This bloat continuously grows until a defragmentation is carried out.
Some of the indexes also need to be deleted or recomputed.


You can find more details Data model best practices  or Technical maintenance 


Basically, you will need a DBA to help with the maintenance, cleanup table, re-index tables etc. 

You can also get in touch with Adobe PS to complete a database usage plus instance audit and let you know what steps to take.




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