Data File Load Error XTK-170046





A user is trying to use the Data File Load activity and is getting the following error:


'XTK-170046 An error has stopped the transfer of file..."


In the Journal they have this error:

"BAS-010014 Cannot open file... with read access (errno=2, No such file or directory)"

"WKF-560006 An error occured when loading..."


I confirmed they have been able to load files in the past and they have the rights needed for their operator except Admin rights.  When I attempt to load the file I don't have any issues.


Please advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @MLong1427 ,


you may always temorary give Admin rights to mentioned user in in order to test load.

Anyway, you should check if mentioned user have enough rigths on share point where document is located (Assume that file is located on share point as you tried to upload it as well).

Finaly, this is probably not relevant if it works for you but check if document location path is set to field extraSandboxedDirectories under dataStore in your serverConf.xml




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