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Hi Folks,


I want to generate the encrypted personalized parameter for the URL in the email CTA.

These parameters will be encrypted using the AES algorithm using the custom keys, salt, and iv.

To achieve, this I am using the CryptoJS library in the adobe campaign classic. 

This process requires the Javascript functions to be executed against each record in the workflow. By, using CryptoJS Library Functions.

can we achieve this in the same manner as the escapeUrl(), cryptString() functions?

What I want to know is, how to make the custom JS function to be available to call in the delivery?


Any Help or suggestions in this regards is higly appreciated..



Nitesh Anwani

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nitesh,


Create your libraries in a perso blocks. Call your blocks at the beginning of your deliveries and then you can used function as in the url below


<%@ include view='AesLibrary' %> --> crypto js library
<%@ include view='AesModeOfOperation' %> --> crypto function (cbc, etc,)


href="<%= cbcEncrypt( %>&source=ACC"




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