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Custom Function for Encryption


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Hey Geeks,

I made a custom function which encrypts the data using encrypt Postgresql Function.

The code goes like:

<funcList name="myList" namespace="cus">

      <group name="string" label="String">

        <function name="EncryptString" type="string" args="(&lt;String&gt;)" help="Encrypts given String with AES using hugyourclient"

                  minArgs="1" maxArgs="1" display="Encrypts given String with AES using hugyourclient">

          <providerPart provider="PostgreSQL" body="ENCRYPT(($1),'hugyourclient','aes')"/>




However this gives me following error:


Am I doing any mistake.

or is there any other way of implementation.


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Level 3


BY default encryption is not installed on postgres.

1. First run the follwoing command to see the list of avialble encrytion:

postgres=> show rds.extensions;

2. Add the pgcrypto on your postgres data base:

postgres=> create extension pgcrypto;
3. Again print list:

postgres=> show rds.extensions;


You should get pgcrypto and try again.

You should have access of your database to run following query. If not you can share this with your datbase team.

You can alos check this url: postgresql 9.3 - Can't run digest() on PosrgreSQL 9.3 on RDS - Database Administrators Stack Exchang...




Level 4

Hi Parvesh,

Thanks for your help.

However this extension pgcrypto is already installed.