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Hi All,


I am having a scenario where I need to create multi lingual emails in Adobe Campaign Classic, but I do not want to create one email per language which is time consuming. Is there any easy way where we I can create a master template and change the content dynamically as per the country and language code.


Also, in future if there is any design changes, I just need to do the change in Master template. 


Please let me know a better way to build the emails.




Master Template Multi-lingual

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @Shafis ,


The answer @Anita_p  has given is 100% correct.


My suggestion would be to create a personalization block for each language and then call the personalization block in your master template.


That way if you will have to use the content in another template you can just call the personalization block and re-use the same content. 

This will also help in the editing part. In case you want to edit the content you won't have to go through a long source of HTML to make the changes. You will make it at once place and it will be changed automatically everywhere.


This is how then you can call the Personalization block in the HTML.


<% if(recipient.language=="EN"){ %>
<% } %>
<% if(recipient.language=="FR"){ %>
<% } %>


This will have to in terms of reusability and editing the content.


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Answers (1)






You can build your email dynamically within one single master template using conditional statement something like below in your <html tag>.

In this case if your schema has value coming in the language field or if in any other custom field you can personalise the email accordingly.


Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 3.52.00 pm.png


Also, as a precautionary measure, if you are using recurring delivery -> any changes in your master delivery template won't be reflected in your actual email deliveries used in a campaign workflow and you will need to create fresh deliveries from scratch ->redo same work all over .

You can try using continuous delivery as in continuous delivery you don't have to create new delivery every time and you can just reselect the template .


Hope this helps.