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I'm looking to run a workflow that will output all of our deliveries over a specific time period with metrics such as opens/clicks etc. However, the deliveries I want to look at are sent out every day and create a separate record on the deliveries table as we normally append a date to the delivery label. For example, for each brands welcome email, in a week it will appear 7 times for each brand.


How do I build a workflow that will aggregate the sends to one line while bringing in opens/clicks for that set period? For each delivery, the delivery code remains constant so I could group by that.


I have tried using counts/group by but not having any luck so far.





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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Luke,


You can do Group By : 'Delivery Code' and find Count of 'Messages to deliver', 'sent','open','click'. You can use below parameters for Count:

1) Count of Total Sent: sum([indicators/@success])

2) Count of Total messages to deliver: sum([properties/@toDeliver])

3) Count of Open: sum([indicators/@estimatedRecipientOpen])

4) Count of Click: sum([indicators/@personClick])

5) Count of total Deliveries: Count(@deliveryCode)


Query to take only one week deliveries and get the aggregate. It should look like below:








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