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First post, new to the platform so hoping so clever people can point me in the right direction! I'm trying to set up a personalisation block so I can convert a variable - but I'm struggling!


I have an XML string, I'm trying to extract a cost value (e.g. £1,509.10) from the string convert into a number (1,509.10), so I can subtract 10 from it). Any idea how to do this.


I've got as far as defining a variable for the XML string in the email - and I can pull out the variable and get rid of the £ sign with something like;


<%= escapeXmlStr(ctx.messageMetadata.MainCost.CostAmount).substr(1,10)%>


I'm stuck beyond this - any help appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @kirkl65103769 your post was a bit ambiguous. Did you want to remove the decimal part of the value (£1,509) or subtract 10 from the value (£1,499.10)? By the looks of your sample code you posted, its the first one. Anyway, here are both answers:

I am assuming your XML data looks something like this




(a) - uses String.split() to get everything in front of the decimal point.(output £1,509)


<%= escapeXmlStr(ctx.messageMetadata.MainCost.CostAmount.toString()).split(".")[0] %>


(b) - removes all non-numeric characters from the string, converts it to a float, subtracts 10, then sets the decimal places to two, converts back to a string and replaces the thousands separator back in (output £1,499.10)


<%= '£'+(parseFloat(escapeXmlStr(ctx.messageMetadata.MainCost.CostAmount.toString()).replace(/[^0-9.]/g, ''))-10).toFixed(2).toString().replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, '$1,') %>


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