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Metrics regarding content consumption are:

  • Page views: these are typically measured with web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Web trends, pixels
  • Video views: most video hosting platforms can tell reach, watch time total views etc.
  • Document views: it is used for online presentations or eBooks and white papers that are shared across digital platforms.
  • Downloads: How many website visitors have downloaded your, eBook, white-papers, reports?
  • Likes, shares, tweets, retweets
  • Inbound links

Apart from User generated content marketing we should also focus on lead generation metrics and KPIs


  • Filled out contact forms
  • Subscriptions and registrations
  • RSS subscribers
  • Blog comments and social

Content Marketing is ever green technique in the hands of digital marketers…

With increasing cut throat competition between businesses, Content Marketing field will grow at a faster pace.


In fact, digital Content Marketing will be the bridging  factor between the success and the failure of any  business as  it is a digital marketing solution, which one cannot simply skip if they need to succeed.


Visual content use is also on the rise.

Data depicts  5 billion videos being watched on a daily basis on YouTube itself, it is a type of content we simply cannot ignore.


Even voice control is taking its roots now like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

With all these insights digital marketing content writer needs to be on top of their Content Marketing game and has to develop content in a way which attracts and retain targeted audience and drive business goals.


Prime focus should be on the quality and distribution channels.

Hope this blog helps the businesses of all shapes and sizes and budding content writers too.

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