Cloud Service tab missing in newly created email campaign in AEM



I am trying to create new email campaign in AEM 6.4 with Adobe Campaign 6.1 template. When clicking on the properties of the newly created campaign, not getting the cloud service tab.

On existing email campaigns, the cloud service tab is there and the newly added cloud config is available under the drop down to select.

Any idea why this is happening.

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Cloud service tab is only appearing in classic UI not in touch UI.

Is there a specific feature pack which is required to get this working in touch UI for AEM 6.4 ?

In some forum, it is mentioned that a feature pack is required for enabling this in touch UI but that article was for onder version of AEM.

I am not sure if that holds true for AEM6.4 also.

Also, what is the significance of Template under Adobe campaign tab. And why it is displaying as read only field.