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Hi all,


I have a scheduled workflow and sometimes it doesnt give the proper results like I feel it gets stuck with the previous results. For example my workflow has an intersection activity and the intersaction is very simple using email as a key to find the entries and it returns 0 when the 2 inputs are having the same email, or some other times I have a fork which doesnt send the proper results to the 2 outputs so If I stop the workflow and I run it manually it works perfectly fine. At this point I feel like I have to clean the memory after the workflow is completed when it is scheduled so that the next will have empty memory and it will not throw any bad results. Any sugestions to this issue?

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Workflow does not store anything once it has finished execution.

It could be possible, your workflow has not finished it's execution before next execution.

Do you have a test activity to check workflow status before proceeding to execution of workflow.

If not, you can follow below steps to avoid workflow running if earlier run has not finished.

1) Define an option - 'isWorkflowRunning'.

2) In workflow, first check value of this option. If it's zero then proceed to execution of workflow activities. If not, then end your execution.

3) After test activity, have a JS, where you will set the value of this option variable as '1', indicating workflow is running.

4) At end of workflow execution, in your end activity, reset option variable value to '0'.