Choose any e-mail address in a transactional message template



Hello everyone,

I have to send information towards customers in case of troubleshooting so I'm using a specific template in my transactional message templates and I was wondering if it was possible (if yes how ?) to leave the FROM box empty to insert any email of our choice ? The idea is to not pre-configured the FROM box but to put any address e-mail of choice by using a SOAP call. The need for later is to put any e-mail of my choice depending on the body of the e-mail

Here is my testing transactional message template with a personalize FROM and I want to update it so I can choose any address e-mail I want to :


Here is what contains my FROM label and I want to test how to do it with any e-mail of choice :


If you need more information, feel free to ask me.

Have a nice day !


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